I organize the things and coach the hearts
of women (and a few good men)
in the greater Dallas area.


Part of creating a solution is in first trying to understand the challenges.  It seems as though my clients often relate to one of the descriptions below.  I invite you to click on the buttons that resonate with you and read more there.


Know exactly what you need?  Here are some examples of how I've assisted others:

Organization of all residential rooms & closet types:

  • Kitchen
  • Pantry
  • Laundry & Mudrooms
  • Children’s bedrooms & playrooms
  • Library
  • Craft rooms

Home or Virtual office organization:

  • Setting up & maintaining a filing system
  • Archival of past tax years’ information or other dated paperwork
  • Mail processing                        
  • Project Management
  • Paper Flow
  • Email management
  • Finance or Expense tracking
  • Sorting / Filing paperwork that belonged to parents
  • Creation of a "Mom Central" area where the house can be run from "her spot" in lieu of a home office 

I offer productivity coaching and consulting as well as organization, thinning, decluttering, and process improvement of homes, home offices, and virtual offices.