I'm just so busy

Life comes at all of us really fast, right?   

I get to work with almost-overloaded women who need help making a change or just getting on top of things again.  This isn't just my working-outside-the-home professionals; this is also moms and volunteers and... well, gosh, you sweet things, how can you be on that many boards and allow yourself to feel guilty because you're behind on the laundry??

Busy women, be it entrepreneurs, volunteers, non-profit leaders, moms with ever-changing kids' routines, or women in the midst of change from divorce, illness, job promotion -- the basics are the same:  The cards went up in the air and they're falling down differently. Sometimes it takes teamwork to get back on track.  Teamwork to keep the work from becoming boring, to get new ideas about efficient processes, to knock out the work faster so you can get on to the rest of your stuff.  

Let's see if you relate to this:  You have a spot in your house that holds all those "deferred decisions".  This is usually your master closet, your desk(s), or your guest room.  Company coming?  No problem, quickly toss those stacks in a bag and put them in that spot (or room) and, someday, you'll get back to that and put all those things away.  Sound familiar?  See?  <big smile>    You should call me.  I can help.

(972) 385-7689