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So, what's next?
When we connect, you can tell me what could be working better for you.  If you don’t know where to start, relax – I know what to ask.  We'll schedule a time to visit face-to-face (or sometimes, voice-to-voice).  I consider the introductory visit to be important to BOTH of us, so there’s no charge for this.  It's valuable preparation time for our first working session.  

At the introductory visit, I’ll ask about what’s working well for you and about your personal style.  (There are only a few cookie-cutter answers in organizing, and your personal style matters.)  We’ll schedule the first appointment, discuss the (boring) operational details, and then get you looking forward to changing the office, filing system, your closet, a room, your whole house, or maybe we just explore your approach to mental/physical clutter or perceived roadblocks.  All of these options can have long-lasting, valuable impact.