I Need Some Motivation

Sometimes it's hard to overcome the inertia.

I've mentioned elsewhere on this site that I feel like a large part of the work I do is simply getting my client "unstuck".  There's usually no shortage of desire for change.  The problem is often in finding a starting place and then the energy to start.  This is especially true of my clients who are recovering from illness or who are in a bit of depression. 

Well, it's nice to have someone share a load with you, right?  And it's nice to have someone help you with the decision-making and finding the starting place.  And, when in those sort of depressed stages of life, it's nice to have someone tell you that it can be better so that you can remember hope.

It seems to me that when two women focus on a task, it's almost like 1+1=3.  The work goes faster and we keep the focus and decisions get made faster and, gosh, isn't it nice to see a bit of change at the end of the work?

There are lots of ways that clients have used my linear-thinking skills -- not just for setting up an office or cleaning out a closet, but even organizing parents' old records or recipes!  If what you need requires decluttering, neatening, or having a process created for it, we should talk.

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