I don't know how to organize

We're products of our upbringing, doncha know.

For those of you who really had no exposure to an organized environment growing up, perhaps you just need someone to define and model what organization looks like in your world.  Organizing is a teachable skill.  Yes, really, you can learn some tricks and processes to help you be more organized.  I'm not saying you'll suddenly want to organize all your closets and perfectly know how, but you Can make a difference in your home or office.  

And really, what IS organized?  It's not where your home is photographer-ready all the time; it's where a home is functional and it feels pretty good to be there.  Clients define their own comfort levels of tidiness or dishevelment and part of my job is finding your comfort level and helping you get there.  Your level.  Not mine.  Yours.    Good, huh.

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