Maybe I want a change in my approach

You might need a different kind of change or a different approach. Be curious.

First, some explanatory history:  I've been organizing (for a living) since 2004.  It bothered me how many times I would hear my clients lament that they just couldn't understand why they resisted organization in their lives, or they wished they could feel different in their environment, or they verbalized other thoughts that fell outside of "organizing stuff".  Since those kinds of statements weren't what we're trained to do as organizers -- studying processes and finding homes for things -- I only addressed those thoughts with empathy and I was careful to stay in my role as the organizer, not a coach and certainly not a therapist.

Enough was enough and I completed 70 hours of coach training and mentoring in 2015.  I'm still actively training in order to hone this skill.  

So how does that benefit you?

These sessions together focus less on "things" and more the "how" of recognizing roadblocks and addressing them.  This isn't a session of me telling you how; it's a time of focused exchange -- and letting you think through things in a relaxed conversation. I won't ask you "Why do you think you feel this way?" (that's counseling), but I'm likely to say something more along the lines of, "How can you look at this differently?" (that's coaching).  Women don't often give themselves permission to focus on themselves during a conversation but that's exactly what I want you to do.  And I'll try to ask questions in a way to help you look at things from all angles.  

Getting people unstuck is my goal.  Coaching can help.

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