I Am Easily Distracted

Perhaps it will be helpful to some of you if I mention that I hear this a lot.  

My experience has been that there are many women, especially in their 50's, who feel as though they've entered a stage of distractibility, even though they've never been diagnosed with ADHD.  If that's you, take heart in knowing that you're not alone in feeling this way.

For those of you with ADHD, it gives me joy to tell you that some of my best organizing tricks I learned while studying about ADHD.  It appears that the ways to help you build routine work well for everyone.  I'll try to keep you engaged and on task but not so you feel trapped in a chair.  Our working together will help you stay on task and I'll especially try to help with the very detailed work so you can do the work that's a little less tedious. 

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